About Lifetime Lighting

Lifetime Lighting is a privately owned South African company about to celebrate it’s 35th birthday.  For all these years it has been proudly manufacturing quality outdoor products in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

New products keep getting added to the range which is a trend that will continue tirelessly as the business grows and expands services.

We offer quality outdoor lighting products, electric fence components, signage products, as well as a unique range of clock and post box options: All these are covered by our unique fifteen-year warranty pledge and we will be around for another 35 years to honour it.

All our products are made from corrosion resistant fibreglass, coastal grade aluminium and stainless steel or brass fasteners.

Let Lifetime Lighting solve your lighting and signage requirements with:

  • lower costs than our competitors
  • high quality products
  • excellent weather durability
  • hand made by proud motivated South Africans.