What exactly does "Coastal Quality" mean?

What exactly does "Coastal Quality" mean?

Coastal Quality is a bit of a buzzword that sounds impressive... but IS it impressive?   

The short answer is yes! 

What are Coastal Quality Light Fittings? 

Coastal quality lighting refers to light fixtures that are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh environmental conditions found in coastal regions. These conditions include exposure to salt water, high humidity, and extreme temperatures, all of which can cause damage to regular light fixtures over time.

Why should you invest in Coastal Quality Light Fittings? 

When home-owners invest in "coastal quality" lights, they are ensuring that their light fixtures will last longer and require less maintenance.  The materials and construction methods used in coastal quality lights are specifically chosen to resist corrosion and withstand the elements, so they will continue to look great and function properly even in the most challenging coastal environments.

Lifetime Lighting is a unique South African brand that prides itself on the longevity of its products. Not only that, but all of our light fittings will add a touch of glamour and lux to your home effortlessly. 

Whether you're looking for outdoor wall lights, ceiling lights, or any other type of light fixture, Lifetime Lighting has a product that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Have a look around, and let us know what you think! 

Photo by Elliot Cullen on Unsplash

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